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How to turn your kitchen into the social hub of your home

As the 1980’s Jona Lewie song says; You will always find me in the kitchen at parties. Why? There is something that pulls people into a kitchen, that can make it the social hub of any home. Everybody loves leaning up against the counter with a drink, chatting to friends. Families gather when big meals are being prepared and even during the breakfast rush. If you want your kitchen to be the social hub of your home, check out these clever ideas.

Centre pieces

Those who have a fair amount of space in their kitchen will probably be wondering what to do in the centre of the room. This open space can be used in so many different ways, depending on whether you want a chef’s kitchen, or a social hub. Some decide to have counters in the middle, which can then be used as a breakfast bar for socialising. Others prefer to have a proper table in the centre of their kitchen, which can be used as a more informal dining area for friends and family. Always make sure you make the most out of the space you have, but leave enough room to actually get around the kitchen!

Breakfast bars

Breakfast bars are definitely growing in popularity, especially for those who want a more sociable vibe in their kitchen. You can have a breakfast bar pretty much anywhere in the room, but it will depend mainly on the space you have available. If you do not have a lot of space then try to make it usable for something else too. It could simply be a counter for preparing food, and then once food is served people can gather round and sit down. You may want to invest in stools or high chairs that fold away, saving even more space in the kitchen.

Modern and funky

If you want something that is going to be the real social and party hub of the house, then you may want to look at some modern designs, as opposed to the more traditional kitchens. Think splashes of colour, interesting shapes or patterns and unique features. There are a whole range of modern kitchen designs that will have your guests so impressed they will never want to leave. Make use of modern technology such as LED lighting, or automated lights and appliances. Get hold of some really cool gadgets to fill your kitchen with such as coffee machines, see through toasters (yes, they do exist) and anything that looks remotely space-age. Now you just need to finish it off with some modern art and voilà; party central!

This is one kitchen party we’re glad we didn’t get invited to.

Turning your kitchen into the social hub of your home can be easy when you know how. Make sure that guests have plenty of places to hang out, or at least lean on. Add some seating or an informal dining area if you have the space. Now finish it off with some mod-cons and some ‘wow’ factor gadgets.


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