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And so, Abode Advice was born

When a man and a woman love each other, they tend to make babies.

Babies are just a little bit too expensive right now, plus we already have two cats and a dog. So, we decided to make a blog instead.

One dark, stormy night (actually, it was fairly warm and windless, but that doesn’t sound so captivating) the idea sprung to mind that we could write about the one thing that we truly loved, more than anything, more than each other. Our home.

There are a million and one clichés about homes, describing it as a place for both your hearts and your hats. The clichés go on to tell you that home should be sweet, but is that always the case? Well, no. There will be  tears, tantrums, turmoil and turpentine. But every single thing is worth it, because it is where your heart is, where you lay your hat, and, in most cases, it is home sweet home.

A rather ‘to the point’ needlework creation by Hey Paul Studios

It doesn’t matter what type of abode you live in, whether it is rented or you own it, whether it is a tiny bedsit or a sprawling mansion. Abode Advice is about giving you the counsel to make your home the best it can be. So that you can love it, as much as we love ours.

We will be scouring the World Wide Web, those really expensive home and DIY magazines, news websites and the library (yep, real life books), to combine with the information we have been taught by our elders, or had passed onto us by friends. We will ask for input from you, for pictures and stories, videos and anecdotes. Every single one to do with your home; from bedrooms to bathrooms and from removals to re-mortgages.

Our goals are simply this…

  • To offer impartial advice on your home, whether it be a six bedroom masterpiece or a garden shed
  • To save you money, save the planet, save (too much) effort
  • To provide you with ideas, inspiration and joy
  • To help you love your home, as much as we love ours
  • To give you a few giggles, happy moments and laughter along the way.

So, join us for a truly unique experience, and get involved by telling us your thoughts!


Abode Advice


(Not to be confused with Adobe Advice)


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