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A guide to spring cleaning – Getting the house organised with minimal effort

Some of us love nothing more than the beginning of a new season, as it is a great excuse to get the home back in tip top condition. Others can think of nothing worse than having to get the rubber gloves on and give the home a spring clean. Luckily, whichever side of the fence you’re on, this guide makes it easier to completely organise and clean your home with minimal effort!

Time to de-clutter

Before you even begin to think about investing in hundreds of different cleaning materials you will need to have a good old de-cluttering session. Those broken baubles from Christmas of last year can be thrown in the bin and the clothes that don’t fit any more should be sold or donated. Go through those hidden corners, boxes, bin bags and cupboards to dig out anything that hasn’t been seen in a while. Make 3 piles; bin, keep and donate or sell. Anything broken or past its sell by date goes in the bin, anything you definitely need to hang onto is kept and most other things can be sold or donated to charity shops. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you go through the clutter with three designated piles for it all.

A quick clean

You go, girl!

Now that the rubbish has been thrown out, the Christmas jumpers have been donated and everything else is being kept it’s time for the quick clean. You don’t need to spend a whole week and a fortune on bleach to get your house ready for Spring! The main areas to focus on will be those hard to reach places such as windows, under beds and furniture, food cupboards and fridges. Write up a list of what needs to be done in each room and then tackle one area at a time. Put on the radio or some of your favourite songs and attack the grime with some good old fashioned soapy water. There are plenty of ways you can clean difficult parts of the house without buying expensive products. For example vinegar and some newspaper will ensure your windows stay shiny and smear free. A thorough vacuum and mop is all you need to finish off that dreaded cleaning.

Keeping it organised and looking good

So that you don’t have to ‘Spring clean’ on the first of every month it’s important to keep the home organised and looking good. All of those things you put in the keep pile need to have a home or you’ll find the place getting cluttered and messy again. Invest in some nice looking storage for different rooms which makes it easier to keep organised. Bookcases are great for showing off knick knacks and photographs, clear plastic boxes for seasonal clothes can go under the bed and shelving units for all those cosmetics and toiletries. Having the right amount of storage in your house will make it a lot simpler to keep tidy and organised, no matter what the time of year!

So get out those bin bags and rubber gloves; on your marks, get set, go!


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