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Some things you don’t need for your home, but you’ll want them anyway

There are certain things that we all need in our homes; like fridges and washing machines. Then there are things that we don’t really need, but we do kind of; televisions and dishwashers. Then there are some things that we really don’t need but will definitely want them anyway. Such as these little gems.

A waterproof TV

Ever wanted to watch TV in the bath? Probably not, but now you’re thinking about how great it would be. Catching up on all the latest soaps (excuse the pun) whilst soaking in the tub, sounds like heaven! There are such things as televisions specifically made for bathrooms; they’re waterproof and everything! You can get them fixed to your bathroom wall without much effort and they look rather epic. Not great if you have a cloakroom sized bathroom however, perhaps you need some kind of waterproof iPad. We’ve definitely seen a few celebrities that have these televisions in their bathrooms and even screens that come out of the bottom of their bed. Televisions everywhere!

Electric curtains

Ever find it all too much effort drawing the curtains at night time? Well that’s exactly the reason electric curtains and blinds were invented. Actually, we think it’s for large windows that couldn’t be covered by human hands but now it’s the ultimate tool in showing off. Invite your friends round when the sun is blaring through the window and wait for one of them to ask for you to close the curtains. Now watch their faces as you press a button and the curtains start to close on their own. Nothing says ‘I’m showing off’ more than having fully automated, electric blinds or curtains. Other than fully automated, electric blinds or curtains that close when you clap.

An indoor garden

A half hearted attempt at an indoor garden.

We’re not talking about a few potted plants, or a tray full of herbs dotted around your kitchen, an indoor garden is a lot more than that. Walls made of grass and flowers, fountains that go inside and even a few gnomes here and there. Indoor gardens have become a bit of a talking point as many offices have had them installed to keep their staff happy. If your office hasn’t cottoned on yet then simply create your own one at home. There are hundreds of ideas for things you can do, including an indoor fish pond, astro turf carpets and even a vegetable plot. If you’re not great at looking after things then make sure you don’t need to water or feed anything.

These are just some of the things you don’t need, but will want for your home. We could technically go on all day about those showy off pieces of furniture, artwork, appliances and all the rest of it. We think you’ll agree that these three are the best when it comes to truly making a statement. If anyone does have any of these things already, or something us a bit flashy, then let us know!


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