A few funny DIY fail videos

Seeing as it is Bank Holiday Monday, which means ‘DIY day’ for most, we thought we’d take some time out from painting and putting up shelves, to find some pretty hilarious DIY videos. Put your brushes down for a few minutes, and put on the kettle, it’s time for a giggle.

We like compilations. Especially this one. They say that people film and take photos of everything nowadays, but all of these videos seem to be from a time when camcorders were the size of a small dog. Shows that we’ve always had a bit of a thing for filming, especially if there’s the possibility of a disaster.

Umm, well this is one way to get those DIY jobs done. The way they act at the end makes us think that perhaps the paint fumes have gone to their head. A few of us love our hair a bit too much to after try this at home, but we reckon it’d give a great splatter effect.

We love black and white movies, so this is just something we had to include! Although the captions could have been a bit funnier (sorry MisterTrimble), the old slapstick DIY moments are genius. It reminds us a bit of…

Oh Frank Spencer! How many DIY disasters have made us think of the classic ‘Some mothers do ave em’? This has to be one of the most forehead-slapping moments, as Frank and Betty decide they will attempt a quick DIY fix, of the hole in their hotel room’s floor.

There are thousands of ‘DIY disaster’ videos on YouTube, some of them funny (many of them not). If you’ve found one we’re missing then let us know and we’ll fit it in. Now, get back to your painting, slacker!


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