Put down the drill and screwdrivers – Some alternative ways to do those DIY jobs

I hate DIY jobs, like actually hate them. I can’t work drills properly and I always get arm ache from screwdrivers. Even if you really enjoy doing them, there’s still that prominent thought which pops into your head; “How can I get this job done quickly?” The quicker the better, as it gives us more time for interesting things. Like shopping for cushions, or eating crumpets. So, we thought we’d put our heads together at Abode Advice, and come up with some of the alternative ways to do DIY jobs, that actually work.

Holes in the wall

We have all come across a hole in the wall at some point, whether it it because we have taken down a picture nail or maybe because a drunken night got out of hand (I dare you to put your head through the wall…Okay!) Those that are planning to redecorate or  move house will want to get those pesky holes filled up fast, without having to re-plaster the entire room! Expanding foam is the key to getting those holes filled up without spending too much time or money on it. In fact, expanding foam should be on everybody’s DIY kit list as it can deal with a number of problems. Simply squirt this clever stuff into the hole and it will expand to fill the gap. In some cases you may need to scrape off any excess with the blunt end of a knife or a paint scraper. Hole in the wall, what hole?

Skirting boards

I don’t know about you but I’ve found skirting boards to be the bane of my life. After several years of them sitting pretty all of a sudden one of the joints come loose and it looks like the whole skirting is going to need redoing. If you are planning on redecorating and want new skirting boards, or are fixing the ones you already have, then put down the nails or screws. You can get something rather clever called glue screws which are specially made for wood and PVCu (what your skirting boards will be made from). You can use it as you would any other glue and it will fix the skirting boards to your wall with no problems and no mess. It also saves you having to paint over or cover up the nails or screw holes.

Wooden or mitre joints

One of THE most interesting pictures we’ve ever found online…

Wooden joints or mitre joints can be found in pretty much any room in the house. You’ll find that your kitchen cabinets have mitre joints, as do the wardrobes in your bedroom. Those who are planning on making their own wood furniture or perhaps building a kitchen from scratch will know the importance of strong holding joints. Banging nails into the wood can often split the entire piece you are using and cause damage throughout the whole piece of furniture. Even your flat pack drawers will have wooden mitre joints and so it is important to put them together properly. You can actually get mitre joint bonding kits were are specially designed for this kind of task. They are a lot less harmful to the wood than nails or screws and are extremely strong. Plus they’re much quicker to use than banging in a nail, which makes everyone a winner!

In fact, it’s not just these three tasks that are easier to do with some kind of sticky substitute! You’ll find that a whole host of tricky DIY jobs can be made a lot easier with glues, adhesives and even tape. Next time you reach for the screwdriver look for an adhesive alternative instead.


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