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How to rock the vintage look… in your kitchen (PICS)

We love the vintage style at Abode Advice, which is why we’ve promised our readers a whole vintage home spectacular! The first room we are going to be looking at is actually one of the most fun to turn vintage; the kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to your kitchen, especially when there are so many accessories to choose from. So, taking our inspiration from some amazing Pinterest pages, and some even more amazing Etsy shops, here is how to rock the vintage look, in your kitchen.

Someone should tell her not to use a metal spoon in that pan. It’ll scratch dontcha know?!

The ‘white goods’

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the things you HAVE to have in your kitchen. Rocking the vintage look doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the mod-cons you are used to, as there are so many manufacturers that have created really stylish pieces. The most obvious appliance which should first spring to mind will be the fridge, and that is where Smeg, or Smeg styles, come in. Refrigerators that look vintage can be pretty pricey, especially if you go for top of the range, but there are some pretty excellent copycats. If you opt for a Smeg fridge, then expect to pay well over £1,000. Other manufacturers do some great looking fridges, that look just like the real thing, and will look fantastic in your kitchen. Think pastel colours if you’re going for a pale vintage look, or bright reds and greens if you want a more statement piece. 

We have no idea what these women are doing with their fridges.

Next, is the oven/cooker/hobs. Those who are sticking with the pale, pastel vintage look, or a more country style, will probably be looking for something like a range cooker. An Aga can cost a small fortune, but there are range cookers that look and function just as good, for half the price! Regardless of your budget for a vintage kitchen, this is likely to be one of the most expensive pieces. Don’t just focus on style though, make sure you have all the capabilities that you need to cook some delicious homemade meals. If you want to go really vintage then have a look at second hand websites, or at auctions, for an authentic range cooker. There are also the old style gas cookers to consider, if you want something shabby chic.

Self clean? Yeah right!

The design and decoration

The most fun part of creating a vintage kitchen is the design and decoration of it all. What colours will reflect the retro vibe? What did kitchens of your favourite era look like? We could go on for hours on all the different types of design, from different vintage eras, but we don’t have the time! Instead, here are some pictures to give you a good idea of what kitchens looked like, in days gone by…

Avocado! Love it or hate it, it was an extremely popular colour for kitchens in the 50s.


Stylish space age from the late 50s/early 60s.

Pink steel and bright yellow walls. Daring but delicious!



The finishing touches

We may have lied about the most fun part of creating your retro kitchen, as this is ACTUALLY the most fun part; picking out the accessories and adding the finishing touches. We have spent hours on Etsy and found some of the most amazing accessories to finish off your vintage kitchen. Although we’d like to add them all, we don’t have the space. Plus, we’ve already bought quite a few for our own kitchens… Sorry!

Vintage Mixer Waring Hand Mixer Appliance Cooking Baking Retro KitchenThere’s so much by Vintage Eye that we love, but this has to be at the top of the list. A proper hand mixer, perfect for making your homemade cakes and all the rest of it. We love the tan and brown colouring which simply screams RETRO.

Vintage Cast Iron Kitchen ScaleSomething Charming sell some really lovely vintage home wares, and this cast iron scale is definitely our favourite. The scuffed green paint on this gives it such a lovely, homely feel. And apparently it works too!

Vintage 1950s Kitchen Utensils Fabric Cushion PillowWe love cushions, and Etsy seller Little Sally Waters makes some of our faves. This 1950’s style cushion has lots of pretty kitchen utensils on it, so will look great on stools or chairs in the kitchen diner. The best thing about Sally Waters’ cushions is that they’re made in the UK! Yay!

There’s so much on Etsy for your kitchen, that you may end up getting it all from there. Remember to check out charity shops, boot sales, junk fairs, auctions and vintage boutiques for kitchens bits too.


Please note, we are not affiliated to any of these Etsy stores. All of our links are free, as we provide impartial advice, not ‘paid for’ recommendations. 






10 thoughts on “How to rock the vintage look… in your kitchen (PICS)

  1. I have had the experience of vintage metal cabinets twice. First in military housing during the 1980s and again later when we bought our first home. While they were fabulously retro they were sadly, totally impractical. So tiny that cereal boxes had to lay flat to fit! We ended up renovating and replacing them with modern and roomy wood cabinets. Looking back now, I wish I’d kept them. Live and learn. Thanks so much for featuring my mixer!

    • Oh wow! That’s incredible that they were still there. It’s a shame they’re not very practical, even if they look fantastic.

      You’re very welcome, the mixer is gorgeous – as are a lot of things in your Etsy shop.

      Thanks for stopping by x

  2. In the first house we owned the oven was old. The house was built in the ’50s, but I don’t know when the oven showed up. It worked like a charm though. I did leave it behind for the next owners to enjoy. My vintage tastes lie more in Victorian furniture with its curved legs and carved wood. Alas, I enjoy my kitchen filled with fingerprint covered stainless steel. Thanks for the fun post!

    • Amazing Stacey! What kind of oven was it? Was it one of those big, old gas things? Or one of the range cookers? I bet the new people ripped it out and shoved in something modern 😦 Oh well, sometimes we have to do what’s best. Victorian furniture is beautiful, we have some vintage beds in our new post being published later today. More of the French Louis style though, be interested to see what you think!

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