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How to rock the vintage look… in the bedroom (PICS)

Part 2 of our vintage spectacular looks at the rooms that many of us take great care and pride in; the bedroom. For most, the bedroom is a relaxing haven of bliss, where we can just lie back and forget all of our troubles. At least until the kids come running in, screaming because there’s a monster under their bed. We’ve got some fantastic ideas for you, whether it be for your own bedroom or a guest room, that will help create that vintage look.

Remember, clicking on any of the images will take you to the Flickr page we borrowed the image off, or to the Etsy shop that sells the item.

The centrepiece – the bed

No matter what else is in the bedroom, the bed will always be the first thing our eyes are drawn to. Because of this, it’s important that it sets the scene, and is a real statement piece. There are several avenues you can go down when it comes to the right vintage bed, depending on the look and style that suits you best.

The first look is plain, understated and really retro. Beds with a metal frame will look absolutely fantastic in a guest room, the kids room, or your own! The key thing to remember with this look is that it is supposed to be understated, perhaps even slightly bare. This doesn’t mean you need to think of your bedroom as a prison cell, as there are plenty of ways to dress it up, without going over the top.  You can find antique iron frames that are patterned and delicate  or ones that are plain and sturdy, depending on your budget and style.

We said simplistic, we didn’t mean sacrifice the mattress!

A more basic, no frills, metal bed frame from the 1950s.

The next vintage bed type, which is also one of the most popular, is the traditional French bergere style. These beautiful beds tend to be made from wooden sections or rattan, painted white or another neutral colour. You may also find some to be upholstered in various fabrics, which can then be reupholstered if they’re not quite to your style. A bed like this can really set you back by around £600-£1,000, but you can find cheaper copies if you know where to look. We found some truly impressive bergere beds on the internet, just by searching on Google. Have a good look around and see what you can find, but don’t be surprised if they’re expensive!

Green and brown stripes, eh… We like them, but if you don’t then remember you can always have it reupholstered.

The jury is out on this purple and gold upholstery. Very, umm, regal!

Other bedroom furniture

Once the centrepiece is out of the way, it’s time to look at the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. We’re not talking about accessories (we will get to that later!) but the things you will actually need.  Wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables and mirrors are just some of the furniture to consider for your vintage bedroom. If you have the space then you may be lucky enough to fit in some kind of seating (chaise longue anyone?!) or a dressing area, too!

The perfect retro dressing table, complete with oddly shaped mirror and stool. (Also, check the radio on the windowsill and the trunk and the hat and the…ooooh IT’S PERFECT)!

This may have been white, once. Maybe.

When it comes to vintage furniture, especially authentic stuff, remember that you can always change it to suit your style. A lick of paint can instantly refresh any old piece that you found at an auction, or even just changing the handles. Always make sure that it’s not worth a small fortune before you start making any alterations, though!

Bedroom accessories

Now comes one of our favourite parts of the vintage spectacular; accessories! We have scoured Etsy to find you some truly beautiful pieces that will finish off your retro bedroom, perfectly.

Retro Metamec Combined Alarm clock with bedside lamp

It’s a light up alarm clock! Kind of.

The Etsy shop Oh My Kitsch is full of some pretty cool retro items, but this bedroom accessory is definitely our favourite. This 1960s alarm clock comes on a wooden base, along with a lamp and ceramic lampshade. This would look great in any vintage bedroom, so be quick, before someone else snaps it up (like me).

SALE Vintage bed throw blanket, purple flower retro fabric, 1960s UK seller

Real vintage bedding! Just try not to think who may have slept in it before.

There is so much retro and vintage bedding on Etsy that it was almost impossible to pick. We like this one in particular because it has that 60s look to it, as opposed to a lot of the yellow and orange 70s stuff which you see so much of. This gorgeous bedding is sold by Retro Love Supplies who have a whole range of vintage fabrics.

VINTAGE SLIPPERS - bedroom shoes, fuzzy powder blue - 1960s - SIZE 6.5

It’s not a proper bedroom without a pair of sexy slippers!

Last, but by no means least, are these rather dashing 1960s slippers. Sold by Vintage Whichgoose in America, these are a size 6.5B US (whatever that means) and feature ‘fuzzy bits’ and rhinestones. Okay, so they might not be for everyone but we have a secret passion for them. Plus they would look great as a decoration, too!

You will find a lot of bedroom accessories such as lamps, alarm clocks, mirrors and even slippers on Etsy, and also at auctions, boot fairs and jumble sales. Let us know if you pick up anything vintage for your bedroom, or better still, send us your pics!

Please note, we are not affiliated to any of these Etsy stores. All of our links are free, as we provide impartial advice, not ‘paid for’ recommendations.


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