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How to rock the vintage look… in the bathroom (PICS)

Posing for a pic in the bathroom. Why not?

We are nearly at the end of our vintage spectacular, and what a ride it has been! We’ve seen sexy slippers in retro bedrooms, £1.80 gas and electricity bills, and the pink steel of a vintage kitchen. Today, we are going to look at one of the rooms that tends to get forgotten when we are decorating the home in a particular style. It’s all very well having a vintage theme throughout the house, but if our bathroom is a modern wet room then it’s going to look out of place. As usual we have found lots of Etsy goodies that will look great in your new bathroom, and some pretty fantastic pictures for inspiration too. So, let’s have a look at how to create a retro restroom.

Bathroom Suites

The first thing to do, when creating a vintage bathroom, is to get the suite right. It’s all about the colours used in your bathroom suite, as everything used to match! Depending on the era you want to recreate you may wish to go for darker browns and greens, or bright pinks, blues and yellows. Here are some of our favorite retro bathroom suites…

Don’t like brown? Don’t go for this suite then. We’re sure it looked lovely in the late 60s/early 70s.

Everything. Is. Pink! With wallpaper that should clash, but doesn’t.

A 50’s style bathroom that is RIDICULOUSLY cool. Look at those mirror lights?! Oh yeah, the suite is nice too.

This list wouldn’t be complete with an avocado suite! Yeah, we know it’s in a dollhouse but it seems as though no one wanted to show off their own avocado bathroom!

You can always have a white bathroom suite, if you don’t want to make too many big changes. A splash of colour on the wall, or some retro wallpaper can dress up any plain bathroom. And then, of course, there’s the…

Bathroom Accessories

We have done some digging through the vintage Etsy stores again, and come up with some real treats for your vintage bathroom. No matter what your style, even if the bathroom is modern, all of these will add a real edge!

1 Vintage Apothecary Pharmacy Bottle Jar - Amber German Glass

Crol and Co sell real vintage home wares from London, in the UK, and they sell some of our favourite bathroom accessories, ever! These apothecary bottles are great for decoration, but can also be used to store things in if you fancy. They’d look great in a shabby chic bathroom, or a with a 50s style suite.

Ceramic Pink Shell - Large fluted versatile dish/bowl

Remember one of these in your parent’s bathrooms? Holding the soap? MEM’s Art Shop has one of these original dishes that could be found in many-a-bathroom years a go. The pale pink would go great with a matching suite (or peach, remember how popular that was?) and can hold the soap, or perhaps some potpourri if you’re feeling daring.

Solid Brass and Wood Antique Toilet Roll Holder 'The Cameo' Victorian bathroomIf you want some real statement pieces then take a look The Treasure Cage, a shop on Etsy that has some pretty impressive vintage wares. This may be pretty expensive for a toilet roll holder (at £125!) but it is Victorian and solid brass. You wouldn’t need any other accessories in your vintage bathroom if you had this beauty! And, you wouldn’t be able to afford any other accessories.

Vintage 1950s Counselor pink bathroom scaleLast, but definitely not least, is this 1950’s style bathroom scale. It’s pink, it’s sparkly, it works and it’s under £25! What more could you want? The Etsy shop is Calle Mendoza, based in the US, so make sure you check postage.

Vintage bathroom accessories are quite hard to track down, especially in UK Etsy shops. It could be worth having a look round your local antique store or auctions, or perhaps even your local bathroom store you may have ‘vintage style’ accessories.

Please note, we are not affiliated to any of these Etsy stores. All of our links are free, as we provide impartial advice, not ‘paid for’ recommendations.


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